ALM Additive layered manufacturing
AVLAM Added Value by Laser Assisted Manufacturing
CAD Computer-aided drawing
CAM Computer-aided manufacturing
DLD Direct laser deposition, as DMLD
DLF Direct laser forming (using powder bed processes)
DMLS Direct metal laser sintering process
DMLD Direct metal laser deposition process
DMD Direct metal deposition, as DMLD
EBSD Electron back scattered defraction
EDM Electrode discharge machining
FEA Finite element analysis
FEM Finite element modelling
HAZ Heat-affected zone
HCF High cycle fatigue
HIP Hot isostatic pressing
IPR Intellectual property rights
ISO International Organisation of Standardization
LENS Laser engineered net shaping process
LMD Laser metal deposition, as DMLD
NC Numeric control
NDT Non-destructive testing
OEM Original equipment manufacturing
PL Project leader
PWHT Post-weld heat treatment
RM Rapid manufacturing
RP Rapid prototyping
SFF Solid freeform fabrication
SME Small and medium size enterprises
SLA Stereolithography process
SLM Selective laser melting process
SLS Selective laser sintering process
STL STereo Lithography file format used widely in RP processes
SX Single crystal
TSB Technology Strategy Board
UTS Ultimate tensile strength
WP Work package
YS Yield strength