EADS UK has established a World Leading Centre of Excellence in polymeric and metallic ALM capability. Their applied research strategy is currently demonstrating today's state of the art, whilst configuring new technology research for future platforms. EADS is now positioned to engage their extended enterprise to support knowledge and technology transfer, where they expect to gain the most value by applying ALM to their whole product cycle. The EADS ALM team has grown from one person to five core people and three associate team members in two years. They are now recognised as World Class and leading many breakthrough initiatives to industrialise ALM technology. The team have gained merit in several patented ideas and won many Innovation Awards, with further accolades including representing Aerospace on steering committees and professional boards.

Conventional manufacture can become complicated, which can involve various assembly methods, using different processes, leading to design constraints, long lead times and high costs. EADS see ALM as a single process which needs no assembly, allowing highly architectured design possibilities at no extra cost with greater efficiency gain in the whole product cycle leading to cost savings. EADS believes this technology has the ability to create a beneficial step change in manufacturing at an industrial level. As well as the skills of the current EADS ALM team they also bring to the project seven machine platforms, up to 20 material options and access to an even wider range of ALM technologies within the EADS Group.

Website: www.eads.com