Short Brothers

Short Brothers plc, based in Belfast, is the largest private sector manufacturing company in Northern Ireland and currently employs approximately 5,000 people. The company is the oldest established aircraft manufacturer in the world with a record of innovation and achievement dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Within the Bombardier Aerospace Group, the Short Brothers plc Belfast site is at the leading edge of aerospace technology research and development and is recognised as a 'Centre of Excellence' for the design, manufacture and assembly of fuselage structures, nacelle structures and systems, flight control components and for specialist manufacturing processes such as Advanced Composites and Metal Bonding.

Short Brothers plc Strategic Technology activities have ensured that its products and processes have advanced to maintain its competitiveness. In an increasingly aggressive global marketplace, these advances have developed local skills and knowledge and have secured Short Brothers plc a work-share on new programmes. To ensure that it continues to play a major role in the design, manufacture and assembly of fuselage, wing and nacelle structures in the future, Short Brothers plc is committed to the development and application of new technologies such as ALM. In addition to the development of other complementary technologies such as advanced composites, Short Brothers plc has a specific focus on the research, development and implementation of new metallic materials as well as forming and joining technologies.

To this end, Short Brothers plc is involved in managing and implementing a balanced development strategy focused on the short, medium and long term exploitation of advanced materials and associated processing technologies. Its team of engineers are well placed to provide the necessary component designs for AVLAM and are able to assess the performance of the structures produced. Over the past 10 years, Short Brothers plc has gained considerable experience and knowledge through participation in various collaborative research and development programmes funded by the local Regional Development Agency (InvestNI), DTI and the European Commission Framework Programmes.