TISICS Ltd is an SME based in Farnborough, Hampshire, specialising in continuous fibre reinforced metal matrix composites. The company was formed in 2005 having acquired silicon carbide fibre and titanium composite manufacturing technology, rights and equipment from QinetiQ. The team has 19 years experience working in the field both developing technology, and designing and manufacturing parts for customer evaluation and use.

The TISICS team has been involved in a large number of grant assisted collaborative projects both within QinetiQ and as TISICS, and is currently a partner on the DTI supported Integrated Wing programme. The AVLAM project offers significant opportunities to reduce the cost of titanium matrix composite technology and will enable rapid and complex fibre matrix architectures which would not be possible through conventional composite fabrication routes. In addition, it will enable the deposition of thick sections onto composite regions which would otherwise require much larger blocks to be attached during consolidation and subsequently machined to shape with large material waste issues and the potential for component distortion due to the release of residual stresses from processing. Finally, it will allow future repair techniques for in-service components extending their life. Any technique which reduces the through life cost of titanium composite will accelerate this technology into commercial use and allow engineers to make use of the high performance titanium composites offer. For aerospace, the weight saving potential of titanium composites has a direct feed through to reduced fuel burn and hence reduced emissions.

TISICS will provide composite materials, hot isostatic consolidation and diffusion bonding expertise to the programme as well as post-deposition and post-test metallographic analysis of test coupons and composite parts to assess the effects of laser deposition on the composite structure. This analysis will enable the AVLAM team to develop laser deposition conditions and composite substrate specifications for this technology.

Website: www.tisics.co.uk