University of Exeter

Exeter Advanced Technologies (X-AT) within the School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics (SECM) at the University of Exeter have wide ranging expertise in materials development, processing, modelling and analysis, product design and development, electronics design, and software development. X-AT have been involved in seven DTI technology programme projects in the past five years, eight EU funded programmes, and numerous academic and industrially sponsored research projects. X-AT is focused particularly on ALM, and is working at the cutting edge of ALM technology for various industrial applications such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and biomedical sectors.

The research team at Exeter is currently involved in three ongoing funded ALM projects to develop laser based ALM technologies for advanced and innovative product manufacture. The team has accumulated extensive experience in developing, optimising, and modelling of laser based ALM processes with the goal of moving towards a reliable manufacturing method for high quality engineering components and will bring a solid knowledge background and an enriched expertise to the proposed project.

The laboratory is equipped with three laser based pieces of ALM equipment. Extensive material testing facilities, including a wide range of mechanical testing equipment, optical and scanning electron microscopy and a Talyscan topography machine, are available on site for the characterisation of the powder materials and the properties of the samples used and produced in the AVLAM project.